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Recently, it is reported that although the flexible packaging in India and Europe will grow, the flexible packaging market of European ELG company will grow slowly, and India will have a breakthrough growth

according to the research of PCI film consulting company, last year was a very difficult year for the European flexible packaging industry, with the market size increasing by only 1.7%, and the experimental force that the sample can withstand is as small as a few 10 centinewtons (such as spandex for textile) up to 9.3 billion euros; It is estimated that the European flexible packaging market will expand to 10.4 billion euros in 2008, with an average annual growth rate of 2%. PCI predicts that the average growth rate of flexible packaging demand in Western Europe will remain at about 1.4% before 2008, which is still the lowest in all regions of the world. In contrast, the average growth rate in central and Eastern Europe over the same period was 7%. Turkey will reach 5% per year in the next few years

at the "Indian plastic industry" conference held by European plastics magazine in London recently, participants said that India's plastic consumption will increase significantly with the growth of its national economy, especially in the demand for plastic packaging and plastic products for agriculture. It is said that India's GDP is expected to grow by 6% - 6.5% per year. According to historical experience, the growth rate of plastic demand is usually 2-3 times that of GDP. At present, the per capita plastic consumption in India is only 4kg, while that in Western Europe is 65kg, so the growth potential is very huge. Among them, the demand for flexible and rigid packaging is the largest. In addition, the demand growth potential of agricultural irrigation pipelines is also very considerable. However, although India's economy will maintain sustained growth, it is also facing the challenges of infrastructure improvement and business law reform

source of information: China Paper Industry Union

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