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The production basis of the illegal plastic factory is only one application

Yunnan TV said on June 23: in April, our program once reported that there was an illegal plastic processing factory in Guotun, Zhujie street, Qujing, which pollutes villagers with thick smoke all year round. After investigation by the environmental protection department, the relevant procedures of this plastic processing factory have not been reviewed for many years. Therefore, the environmental protection department ordered it to stop production for rectification. Recently, however, some villagers reported that the plastic processing plant started production again

Qujing station Zhang Yaling: audience friends, it's more than six o'clock in the afternoon. We came to the plastic processing plant at the intersection of Zhujie street. At this time, the machines in the processing plant are making a noise, thick smoke is rolling, and the pungent smell has been attacking our respiratory tract. Is the production of this plastic processing plant legal, and has it been allowed to operate legally by the environmental sanitation department

through the cracks on the wall of the processing plant, we can see that the workers in the processing plant are busy in the thick smoke, and the thick smoke also spreads out through the cracks. When I walked into the plastic processing plant, I still saw mountains of waste plastics and sewage all over the ground. The pungent smell came to my nose. Seven or eight workers in the processing plant were working in the thick smoke without any protective measures. Workers put the cut and washed waste plastics into the machine for heating, and then form this black strip plastic, which is finally cut into granules. The pungent smoke is produced in the process of heating the backlog of waste plastics and cutting them into granules

today, the electronic universal testing machine manufacturer will tell you what methods can improve the accuracy of the universal testing machine: have you been allowed by the environmental protection department to produce it now

the boss of the processing plant didn't answer

: how long have you been working

after rectification, we have negotiated with the environmental protection department for trial production for a period of time

: what kind of rectification have you made

the boss of the processing plant recovers the smoke and processes it

: has the situation reached the standard required by the environmental protection department

the boss of the processing factory basically has no influence here

: this has no impact. Is it the environmental protection department

processing plant owner: there is no one nearby to reflect. Basically, we have also made an understanding, which has not affected everyone

: we can also smell a pungent smell here now

processing plant owner: This pungent smell even at the gas station, but I don't affect others

then, the owner of the processing plant took him to a newly-built small room 0.5 meters wide and 2 meters long outside the processing plant, pointed to a pipe and told him that it was their smoke exhaust hole after rectification

: now the rise and fall of the national billet market on the 6th of the smoke show that the child has not come out here

the boss of the processing factory is from here, and there is no taste

at this time, a large amount of thick smoke floated out of the processing plant, but the owner of the processing plant believed that the pungent thick smoke had been filtered in this new small room

processing plant owner: this basically won't affect others

: what you said will not affect the standard

the owner of the processing factory, that is to say, people won't have this smell at home

villager (mosaic): (cigarette smell) pungent, look at those cigarettes

: do you think it will affect your body

villagers will have it

then, the owner of the processing plant presented his application to the environmental protection department to resume production on May 5, and told him that this was the basis for them to start work for nearly a month

factory owner: they (sanitation department) said that trial production would take some time

: oral or written

factory owner: oral

subsequently, the environmental protection department was contacted. According to the staff, the factory did resume construction with the consent of the environmental protection department. However, the environmental protection department will investigate whether there is any pollution. We will also continue to pay attention to this matter. 1. The characteristics of relaxation testing machine

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