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The application of anbangxin inverter in precision extrusion machinery


the growth of plastic products in China in 2004 was still 12%, the sales volume of plastic resin increased by 10.1%, and the sales volume of plastic machinery increased by 10.6%. However, the rising prices of plastic raw materials and steel have brought severe tests to the plastic processing industry and the plastic machinery industry. Further improving the precision and quality of extrusion machinery is the inevitable trend of the development of the plastic industry

overview of extruder

plastic is plasticized into a uniform melt through the extruder, and under the pressure established in the plasticization, the screw is continuously extruded at constant temperature, quantity and pressure. Most thermoplastics use this method. Screw extruders have many different models and specifications, and the most commonly used extruder is screw extruder. The extruder host drive with anbangxin E11 AC frequency converter can fully meet the process requirements of the extruder and achieve the necessary process control indicators. After years of actual operation in various places, the operation is stable, the product has strong adaptability and obvious economic benefits

traditional extruders will also play an irreplaceable role in transferring high molecular materials. Dynamic characteristics

components of extrusion molding equipment

an extrusion equipment is usually composed of a host (extruder), an auxiliary machine and its control system. Generally, these components are collectively referred to as extrusion units

1. Host

an extruder host is composed of extrusion, transmission, heating and cooling systems

the extrusion system is mainly composed of screw and barrel, which is the key part of the extruder

the driving screw plays a role in the transmission system. It is necessary to ensure that the screw has the required torque and speed during the working process

the heating and cooling system is mainly used to ensure the temperature control of materials and extrusion system in molding processing

2. Auxiliary machine

the composition of the auxiliary machine of the extrusion equipment depends on the type of products. Generally speaking, the auxiliary machine is composed of agent penetrating and shaping device, cooling device, traction device, cutting device and product coiling or stacking device

3. Control system

the control system of the extruder is mainly composed of electrical appliances, instruments and actuators. Its main functions are:

(1) control the driving motors of the main and auxiliary machines, meet the speed and power required by the process requirements, and ensure the coordinated operation of the main and auxiliary machines

(2) control the temperature, pressure, flow of main and auxiliary machines and the quality of products

(3) realize the automatic control of the whole unit

control of traditional screw extruder

1) in the traditional screw extruder system, the screw is driven by DC motor. In the case of direct transmission, the screw is directly driven by the gearbox; In the case of indirect transmission, the screw is driven by a belt and a traction disc. The traditional DC motor itself has certain disadvantages: for example, the brush of the DC motor needs to be replaced once a month. In a dusty or corrosive environment, the DC motor needs to be cleaned frequently, and sometimes it even needs to be fed with clean cooling air from outside the workshop

2) the disadvantage of indirect drive screw extruder lies in the belt slip, which will cause certain energy loss, and more mechanical devices increase the possibility of wear and failure. The biggest disadvantages of DC motor are excessive noise, brush ignition, rotor pollution, high motor temperature, insufficient exhaust and motor vibration. Therefore, the maintenance cost of screw extruder using DC motor is higher, and the initial cost of DC motor is also higher

Application of anbangxin G11 series frequency converter in precision extruder

anbangxin G11 series frequency converter is used in extrusion equipment, which has high-quality operation characteristics, which is determined by the good product performance provided by Anbang G11 series frequency converter itself, for example, corroded by organic solvents

1> fast processor provides higher frequency response

g11 inverter built-in processor, these two requirements are contradictory to provide high control accuracy, fast response frequency and good dynamic performance. The technological requirements of the extruder are mainly to control the constant pressure at the outlet. When the equipment starts to work, the speed control is carried out, and when the required pressure is reached, it is necessary to switch to pressure control. The switching process should be shock free, requiring high control accuracy of the frequency converter to respond to the pressure signal

2> automatic energy-saving control, optimize motor efficiency

the main drive motor of the Extruder mainly drives the screw to rotate after decelerating through the parallel shaft helical gear reducer. When changing the running speed below the fundamental frequency, it is a 20% constant torque speed regulation with additional tariff

G11 series inverter has automatic energy-saving control function, which can automatically adjust the voltage according to the load condition, so that the motor operates at the highest efficiency state

3> torque limitation and slip compensation

torque limitation and slip compensation function makes the output torque constant, the torque ripple is small, and meets the product process requirements


the new generation of high-performance vector inverter of anbangxin is used on the precision extruder, It not only saves electric energy, but also improves the process, product quality and product competitiveness (end)

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