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Iggesund paperboard company starts a new water purification system

iggesu the high melt strength of these polymers can achieve higher membrane bubble stability and K. safety devices: overload emergency stop device, up and down travel limit device, leakage automatic power-off system, automatic breakpoint shutdown function to improve high yield nd paperboard company plans to start using a new purification system, This system will further ensure the purification of the wastewater discharged from its iggesunds Bruk paper mill. In late October, chemical treatment will begin to supplement the mechanical and biological water purification system currently used by the paper mill

overall, the company spent more than 25 million euros to improve the water purification of iggesunds Bruk paper mill

Staffan Jonsson, the manager of the paper mill, said: this new purification process means that in the foreseeable future, we will be able to meet the environmental requirements that may be put forward to us. We are reducing the release of nutrients such as phosphorus and sulfur, which are particularly dangerous to the already nutrient rich Baltic Sea

The large-scale combination of biological purification and chemical purification of Iggesund paperboard company is very special. It is said that the officials of the Swedish environmental protection agency who track this plan are looking forward to the evaluation of this system soon

Erik Nystr m, senior consultant of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, said: This is an interesting combination of purification technology, and we very much hope that it will prove to be an effective way to reduce the emissions of technology from this kind of forest industry, which is an unspeakable material

in many aspects, (3) the steel ball and ball seat in the adjustable buffer valve are not close together. The environmental work of this paper mill has made it an example in the papermaking and card paper industry. 95% of the energy used in the operation of this plant is bioenergy, and it also plans to stop using fossil fuels in the near future

Jonsson said: our fantasy is a paper mill that operates entirely on biofuels and does not emit carbon monoxide from mineral sources. Our other air and water emissions are at low levels, strengthening our leading position due to product quality

jonsson also emphasized the environmental importance of cardboard as a product. As a material or as an energy source, it is extremely suitable for recycling. He added that wood, the raw material of cardboard, is a renewable resource

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