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IGBT frequency converter realizes high efficiency and low loss

with the upgrading of IGBT, the performance of frequency converter continues to improve. It can also be used in oil exploration and production machinery. The functional probe with special geometric dimensions is high and the volume continues to decrease

a great advantage of Mitsubishi Electric in the field of power semiconductors is its proximity to system users

Takashi Nishimura, director of Mitsubishi Electric Power Device Manufacturing Institute

Japan has used industrial frequency converters since the 1980s, as well as household frequency conversion air conditioners. In the market, frequency conversion can be achieved through "f Qing/0", "P full/1", "total Qing/2", and displacement display technology has developed rapidly. At first, frequency converters used thyristors, but later IGBT used in frequency converters appeared. By using IGBT, the power loss is greatly reduced. At the same time, after 25 years of development, there have been various research and development achievements. At present, Mitsubishi Electric IGBT chip has developed to the 6th generation. An intuitive example can be given to illustrate the development level of IGBT: if the loss value of bipolar devices in the 1980s is set to 100, the loss value of the first generation IGBT is 70, the loss value of the fifth generation IGBT is 30, and now the loss value of the sixth generation IGBT has been reduced to 24

the improvement of IGBT chip increases the stability and service life of the product and further reduces the loss. Through power semiconductors and peripheral supporting parts, the system can be miniaturized. At present, the performance of the frequency converter is still improving, and its volume is also decreasing

the power semiconductor business of Mitsubishi Electric has formed a whole within the company from chip development to application technology. At the same time, the company also has a department specializing in applied technology, so we have a good resource system for the supporting technology around power devices. In terms of basic development, Mitsubishi Electric has an advanced technology comprehensive research institute, which specializes in developing basic technology. In addition, many departments of Mitsubishi Electric use power semiconductors, so it is easier for us to understand the needs of customers. Mitsubishi Electric has internal departments specializing in the production of air conditioners and other household appliances, including the power department, industrial automation and automotive internal power system departments, as well as high-speed railways, elevators, solar power generation. Since waterproof engineering and structural engineering are different construction companies, there are various undeniable departments. The power semiconductor department can carry out targeted development according to the needs of end users, so as to improve the competitiveness of Mitsubishi Electric

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