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Guangxi illegal kaolin miners besieged law enforcement officers, causing 10 injuries

Guangxi illegal kaolin miners besieged law enforcement officers, causing 10 injuries

August 16, 2010

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[China paint information] most of the surrounding areas of Nanning are forbidden mining areas because of the small reserves of mineral resources. However, driven by interests, some criminals have engaged in the illegal mining of national mineral resources. On August 13, Nanning Jiangnan District land and resources law enforcement and Supervision Brigade encountered violent resistance from illegal mining elements when investigating and dealing with an illegal mining site, causing 10 law enforcement officers to be injured to varying degrees, two of whom need to be kept in hospital for observation

law enforcement was besieged by nearly 200 people

on the evening of the 14th, when they came to the inpatient department of Nanning eighth hospital, two injured law enforcement officers were lying in bed to rest. According to the person in charge of the land and resources law enforcement and Supervision Brigade of Jiangnan District, one of the two injured was hit through the corner of his mouth by flying bricks and sewed with 6 stitches, while the other was hit on the head by an iron bar and sewed with 3 stitches, "Fortunately, I wore my helmet at that time, otherwise it might be fatal, and the helmet was broken." According to reports, the other eight injured law enforcement officers were slightly injured and did not need to be hospitalized

the person in charge told that at 12:30 on the 13th, he and five law enforcement officers in the team carried out a routine inspection in the area. When they inspected the Sancha pond in Lingcun slope, Anping village, Jiangxi town, Jiangnan District, they found that there was a dig 2 and start button excavator working in a kaolin mine, and there were also 7 trucks and 1 oil supply vehicle on the site. "On June 1, we once seized a batch of illegal mining tools in this mine, and this time we found the phenomenon of stealing minerals here." During the investigation, the law enforcement officers found that the personnel on site could not provide legal mining certificates, so they decided to seize the stolen mining tools. "Since there were more than 10 people on the scene and there were many stolen tools, we asked the detachment for support."

"at about 2:30 p.m., the law enforcement officers of our detachment and urban brigades rushed to the scene one after another, and at this time, many unidentified people began to gather on the hill." The person in charge of Nanning land and resources law enforcement and Supervision Detachment told

density 1.30g/cm3

when law enforcement officers wanted to drive away trucks, excavators and other illegal mining tools, the gathered people blocked the way out. "The stalemate lasted until 5 p.m., and the crowd had reached nearly 200 people, while we had only 30 law enforcement officers. At this time, someone began to distribute tools such as iron bars, wooden sticks, machetes, etc. to the crowd, and then they began to attack the law enforcement officers, trying to forcibly grab back the trucks and other machines. With the persuasion and prevention of the local government, the first impact did not cause injuries. By 6 o'clock, these people ignored the dissuasion of the police and local officials, The law enforcement personnel who forcibly launched the truck to impact and block the law enforcement personnel can only dodge. Due to the huge difference in the number of personnel between the two sides, and the other side has weapons, all the tools for secretly mining minerals were robbed. " The head of the Supervision Detachment said. It is understood that the police have been involved in the investigation of this case

sudden profits drive the illegal mining behavior to continue despite repeated prohibitions

why is the phenomenon of illegal mining of mineral resources repeated despite repeated prohibitions

"driven by sudden profits." The head of the Supervision Detachment told, "Kaolin is a necessary mineral raw material for dozens of industries such as papermaking, ceramics, rubber, chemical industry, coating, medicine, etc. at present, the price of kaolin ore in the market is more than 60 yuan/ton. An excavator can dig about 800 tons of ore a day, and the poachers can earn 48000 yuan a day, with a large profit margin. At the same time, market demand also promotes the occurrence of poaching. The poached minerals are generally sold to chemical plants or individuals The buyer does not check whether the other party has obtained the legal mining certificate at the time of acquisition, and the price is lower than the price of the legally mined mineral. "

according to relevant national laws, those who illegally mine mineral resources with a case value of less than 50000 yuan will be fined a minimum of 2000 yuan and a maximum of 100000 yuan, while those with a case value of more than 50000 yuan will be investigated for criminal responsibility

expect multi department joint law enforcement

due to the lack of scientific survey and evaluation, the illegal exploitation of mineral resources will often cause damage to arable land, geology, landslides and other geological disasters, and also destroy the normal order of mineral development

according to the interview, the current illegal mining has basically formed an industrial chain from mining, transportation and sales. How can we better prevent the occurrence of illegal mining? The relevant person in charge of the land and resources law enforcement department told that it is best to implement law enforcement by multiple departments. In addition to the investigation and treatment of the source by the law enforcement personnel of the land and resources department, the transportation department also needs to inspect the vehicles transporting minerals in the past. Finally, the factory should check the tickets of each batch of minerals entering the site, and do not purchase minerals that cannot provide legal procedures. 9.2 generally, one copy of random skill documents is provided, so that they can be purchased from the source, transportation Sales of these three aspects to combat illegal exploitation. "In the next step, we will continue to strengthen law enforcement and severely crack down on illegal mining."

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