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Application of anbangxin frequency converter in the hoist of blast furnace charging car

the hoist of blast furnace charging car is an important equipment used to transport the burden to the top of blast furnace and feed the blast furnace. In China, the small and medium-sized blast furnaces basically use the skip hoist as the standard charging equipment. The hoist of blast furnace charging car shall meet the following requirements:

1. It has sufficient transportation capacity, and the feeding speed can meet the requirements of blast furnace production

2. Reliable and durable operation to ensure continuous production of blast furnace

3. It can realize automatic feeding

4. Simple structure and convenient maintenance

the working characteristics of the windlass of blast furnace charging car are: slow starting speed, large torque, smooth acceleration, stable and accurate parking. The traditional speed regulation method is to use a wound rotor asynchronous motor, connect several sections of resistors in the rotor circuit through the collector ring and carbon brush, and control the speed by controlling the number of connected resistors by the contactor. The disadvantages of this speed regulation are high energy consumption and soft low-speed mechanical characteristics. Because the reduction of the speed is achieved by the energy consumption of the external resistance of the rotor, and the lower the speed, the softer the mechanical characteristics, the greater the proportion of energy consumed in the resistance, which is extremely uneconomical, and the high and low electric voltage has a great impact on the speed

the original design of 1# blast furnace of an iron and Steel Co., Ltd. in Shanxi province adopted the traditional speed regulation mode. During the operation, it was found that the 73kw, 8-pole motor used in the blast furnace charging car hoist horse pull trolley was too fast to start, there was no low-speed process, and there were often falling channel faults. If we increase the resistance value of the high-quality CFRP parts developer connected to Zhuan Korea, although the speed can be reduced a little, the reliable release and receiving moment of Zhuan realization signal is too small, and the heavy vehicle will not start. In view of this situation, after investigation and consultation, they adopted the frequency conversion and speed regulation transformation scheme proposed by the energy conservation promotion department of Hunan Yueyang Liyou Trading Co., Ltd. Using anbangxin g9-093t3 general frequency converter, the installation and debugging of the frequency converter and the transformation of the original control circuit were completed in only one day

transformation scheme

1. Disassemble the connection between the wound rotor and the external resistance, and short-circuit the wiring terminal (there is a chance to lift the carbon brush forever, and directly short-circuit the three outgoing lines of the rotor winding, so as to avoid failure due to poor contact between the carbon brush and the collector ring in the future)

2. Separate the holding brake line of the skip from the motor, and control it with a single contactor. The power supply is from the input end of the frequency converter. It is required that the holding brake and the motor are powered on at the same time

3. To ensure absolute reliability, keep the positive and negative rotation control contactor of the raw material truck, and use the auxiliary normally open point of the contactor as the positive and negative rotation control of the external terminal of the frequency converter

4. The original speed control circuit is no longer necessary. Remove three contactors, three time relays and one intermediate relay, and the control circuit is more concise

5. A fault reset button is installed on the operation console, and a buzzer is used as the fault alarm of the frequency converter to realize data processing and output indication

6. The lk4 master controller calls out a high-speed point, and a test switch is installed on the operation console. When it is disconnected, the charging car has been running at low speed. Set 20Hz at low speed and 38hz at high speed

after the transformation, the hoist of the hopper car has stable startup, large torque, smooth acceleration and deceleration, accurate parking position, and basically the same parking position of the loaded car and the empty car. After ten months of operation, the service life of the wire rope of the skip hoist has also been significantly extended without the skip falling off the road

comparing the electricity charge before the transformation, the charging car saves 40% electricity during operation; And it can start normally when the electric voltage is low, and the operation is stable. The leaders and employees of Shanxi Liheng iron and Steel Co., Ltd. often look at the smoothly running skip and say, "it's good to install this thing (anbangxin frequency converter)."

with the successful experience of frequency conversion and speed regulation of 1# blast furnace charging car hoist, the decision-makers of Shanxi Liheng iron and Steel Co., Ltd. decided to use anbangxin frequency converter to control the charging car hoist again when the 2# blast furnace was launched. 2. The motor of blast furnace is also 7 enterprises. On the one hand, we should see whether it meets the requirements of performance and environmental protection. 3KW, 8-pole wound rotor asynchronous motor, and the selected frequency converter is anbangxin g11-075t3 general frequency converter. Its control circuit is exactly the same as that of 1# blast furnace. During operation, it is found that the over-voltage fault alarm often occurs when the skip winch is decelerating, and the DC bus voltage is as high as 697v when the fault occurs. In order to solve this problem, the g11-075t3 frequency converter is equipped with a braking unit and supporting braking resistance. So far, it has been running smoothly for more than a month, and there has been no overvoltage fault alarm

through the application of frequency conversion speed regulation of 1 #, 2 # blast furnace charging car hoists in Shanxi Liheng iron and Steel Co., Ltd., it can be seen that the speed regulation control of blast furnace charging car hoists with anbangxin frequency converter is a simple, high reliability, energy saving, high efficiency, complete protection functions (overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, grounding, overheating, short circuit), the best scheme for automatic control, which can completely replace the traditional control mode, It has very high promotion value

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