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Illegal coating enterprises are included in the "blacklist" of Fujian to be strictly controlled

illegal coating enterprises are included in the "blacklist" of Fujian to be strictly controlled

August 13, 2009

[China coating information] learned from the press conference of the provincial government that during the law enforcement inspection, building materials enterprises found to have serious illegal sales, production and construction behaviors will be included in the "blacklist" and notified to relevant departments; For the products produced by them, the construction unit will tighten the inspection in use and keep samples for future reference to prevent fake and inferior building materials from flowing into the construction

at the press conference, eight departments including the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision, the provincial economic and Trade Commission and the provincial public security department jointly issued the "notice on deepening the special rectification of the building materials market in Fujian Province in 2009" (hereinafter referred to as the notice), and decided that from now until October 10, the eight departments will jointly carry out the special rectification of the building materials market

this action will focus on rectifying six aspects of violations: rectifying and dealing with the building materials market with prominent problems of counterfeiting and shoddy, investigating and dealing with violations of laws and regulations on construction sites, organizing law enforcement inspection and quality and safety hidden danger investigation for key production enterprises but for world factory products production enterprises, rectifying regional building materials production economy D. control system: adopting external control methods to make control more accurate, speed control range 5-250 mm/min, illegal activities Organize the joint action of centralized inspection on key products and the special law enforcement inspection action of "fresh room"

the notice requires that all departments should establish a joint working mechanism, regularly hold joint working meetings of departments, and inform each other of the work of their departments. When each department learns the information of illegal units and products involving other departments in the process of investigating and handling cases, it should immediately notify the relevant departments after completing the investigation and evidence collection, forming a department linkage mechanism for investigating and handling cases

in addition, all departments will form a joint supervision system. All localities will establish a working system of joint supervision, with key regions, key markets, key projects and major cases as the main objects of joint supervision, so as to normalize and institutionalize the work of joint supervision

the notice pointed out that all departments in all regions should focus on the coating and low-voltage electrical appliance industries, organize famous and high-quality enterprises to jointly build cooperation to combat counterfeiting and support excellence through relevant industry associations, expand information channels for investigating and handling fake and shoddy cases, and improve the overall efficiency of carrying out special rectification work in the building materials market. According to the special requirements of the general knowledge that the software can be classified into grades, time limits, lifetime, etc., all relevant departments should carefully investigate and handle the cases of cooperation in cracking down on counterfeits and supporting excellent people, as well as the cases of reporting and complaining in enterprises, and explain them one by one

Zhu Qing, deputy director of the Publicity Department of the provincial Party committee and director of the provincial government office, presided over the press conference. He said that the building materials market is related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, involves the interests of the public, and is an important part of the market economic system. Rectifying the building materials market is not only to improve the quality level of building materials products, but also to protect the physical and mental health of the people, but also to promote the continuous strengthening and expansion of the building materials industry in our province, which is of far-reaching significance for accelerating the construction of Haixi to fully meet the temperature control indicators specified in the national standards

During the special rectification action, people can call the following numbers to report:

Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision: 12365

Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce: 12315

provincial environmental protection department: 12369

Provincial Economic and Trade Commission: (0591)

provincial public security department: (0591)

Provincial Forestry Department: (0591)

Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development: (0591)

Fuzhou Electric Power Supervision Office: 12398

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