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Illustration of the manufacturing process of oak barrels for wine

the origin of wood, aging of plates and baking control of oak barrels are the top priorities of the quality and style of oak barrels. Taking the barrels factory of boutes in France as an example, this paper briefly describes the production process and quality control points of high-quality oak barrels from the aspects of origin, deforestation, wood processing, barrel production, baking, quality traceability and so on

◎ origin of oak barrel raw materials:

· 60% of barrel making raw materials are from Allier, 15% from nevers, and 25% from Vosges

· according to French regulations, oak logging time is from October to December every year, because the growth rate of wood slows down in autumn and winter, and logging at this time will not affect the growth of oak in the future

· oak selection: the tree age is 150-250 years, the diameter is 1-1.5 meters, and the height is generally 30-36 meters. The wood used for making oak barrels is between 6-15 meters in the middle of the tree (the lower part is used as furniture raw materials, the upper part is used as floor raw materials, etc.)

· material selection in live tree felling is a very important step, which is related to the texture of wood, the use guarantee of barrels and the application rate of authentic wood. Every year, the two sons of the boutes family will go to the forest to choose next to a tree

· Bote Barrel Factory is the largest purchaser of high-quality live trees in the alei region for 12 consecutive years, purchasing 4000-5000 cubic meters of live trees every year, 3000 euros/cubic meter, and the value of wood raw materials for each barrel is about 200-300 euros

· invoice issued by the French National Forest Administration: production area, material, number ×× year ×× tree ×× franc ×× The method of felling - - i.e. certificate of origin

◎ chop and ripen the logs in the wood factory:

◎ chop factory

· the logs after cutting are cut off by 1 meter axially (the barrel height of 225 and 300 liters is 95cm)

· use a press to cut according to the fiber direction: divide the tree into 4, 6, 8 and so on according to the thickness and radial direction, and the yield is 20% (only 5 cubic meters of logs can yield 1 cubic meter of barreled boards)

· peeling/Coring (the core tannin is green (bitter), and the skin is young and easy to leak, so it cannot be used)

· mechanical cutting of barrel plate (wide - barrel plate, narrow - barrel end plate)

· the available barrel plates can be accurately cut by laser control. The cooperation of multiple policy prescriptions will eventually demobilize the coal market ldquo; False fire rdquo; Cutting (at this time, the barrel plate is 32mm thick)

· check the barrel for more than times (available/unavailable), and carry out the first screening and classification of the barrel—— The plate for wine barrel requires a ring texture of 0 Mm (extremely dense. 5, fine 1..5, medium 1..5, sparse 3.5mm can not be used in wine barrels)

wood of oak barrel for wine:

sessile oak - dense tree grain, slow growth, - used for wine oak barrel

handled oak - thick tree pattern, fast growth, rings greater than 3mm - used in brandy barrels

American wood growth cells (tubes) are short, can be sawn, and the yield is high (up to 80%)

· 1 cubic meter in a stack, and the grid is neatly stacked

◎ the wood is aged in the open air

· Allie board factory, which places neatly stacked barrels in the open air, rinses the tannins after 2-3 years of watering (uneven natural cooling and drying), and puts each piece of wood upside down every year, so as to make the impact of the climate on the wood uniform

· soaking (at present, only Bote barrel factory adopts soaking process according to customer requirements)

soak in urban water for 1-2 weeks, and change the water once a week. (practice has proved that the green tannin without soaking is heavy, light after one week, and softer after two weeks) the function of the barrel is: micro oxygen + fragrance + tannin. Polysaccharides give wine aroma, tannins give wine taste. Most of the tannins of wine should come from grape skin and seeds. The TPV products produced by Dunn group have been sold well in domestic and foreign markets, and the process reduces the impact of raw green wood tannins on wine

· changes in internal components such as discoloration (microbial (bacteria) - de green flavor - mature flavor - natural conversion) of wood in the open air

· carry out the second quality screening of barreled boards at the time of annual turnover

· arrive at the barrel factory in Bordeaux

◎ select, assemble, shape, bake, and inspect the wood after finishing processing in the barrel factory

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· the barrel factory can produce 140 barrels per day

· first, the laser-controlled cutting machine accurately forms the barrel board (6 sides), and the thickness of the barrel board is 22 and 27mm (for transport barrels)

· the last screening before drum board assembly

· matching of barrel plates before assembly (in order to produce barrels with different requirements, barrel plates will be equipped with width, origin, growth rings, aging and other items according to needs). Generally, a barrel is composed of 28-32 barrel plates, with a wide plate at the top and bottom (the lower is for load-bearing, and the upper is for the strength of the wood plate at the inlet and outlet of the barrel)

· after placing roses (in the prefabricated barrel process circle), humidify in the spray room to increase the flexibility of the barrel plate and reduce the dry cracks after barrel formation

· preheat 35 degrees and keep it warm for 30-40 minutes (electric heating) to increase the flexibility of the barrel plate in the next step of deformation

· baking (detailed in the next topic)

· use a machine to slowly bind the hoop type (5-10 minutes) and add a barrel hoop during the fire baking and heating process. Because steam heating will soak mature tannins, Bote barrel factory does not use steam heating

· place the end plate and cut it into shape (round). At present, most of the end plates of Bote barrels adopt convex groove plug-in sealing, which also meets the requirements of some old users by adding reed grass at the joints

· install the end plate

· leakage detection: inject water, pressurize to 0.8bar, and maintain the pressure for 10-15 minutes to test that the barrel is completely sealed without leakage, and adjust any mechanical defects at the same time

· remove the process hoop and replace it with a new hoop

· barrel sanding and polishing

· send it to the last station for final inspection to ensure that the appearance of the barrel is perfect

· package into the barrel warehouse. The warehouse is a wine cellar with a capacity of 3000 wooden barrels and spray equipment to control the humidity of the wine cellar

◎ barrel baking:

· the wood used in the baking process is the leftover of the wood used in Bote barrel

· the baking process is controlled by both worker experience and computer accurate measurement (laser temperature sensing). Each workbench is equipped with an inductive laser thermometer controlled by the central control center (baking room temperature, internal and external (high and low) temperature of the barrel, baking time), which coordinates with the experience control of barrel workers

the baking degree is divided into four types: light, medium, medium and heavy, which are controlled by the baking time. Among them, the long-term low-temperature 30-35 degrees adaptation period, the baking temperature is controlled at 140-190 degrees, and the medium baking time is 30-35 minutes

· inductive laser thermometer controlled by the central control center installed above the workbench

· computer laser induction control principle: the baking temperature inside and outside the barrel is measured and controlled by the laser sensor installed above each baking table; Sensing the data center computer, the computer will draw the baking time and temperature curve after processing; Send control alarm to the operator in time according to the preset (the damage of the dry spring relay responsible for the input of counting signal caused by the internal and external temperature of the barrel leads to the poor display of no counting)

· visual baking data: install a real-time visual baking data on each console for the reference of operators to control the baking time and the temperature inside and outside the barrel

· graphic baking data: computer recorded data include - order number, baking date, barrel number, orderer, source of raw materials, aging method and time of raw materials, operator, baking temperature curve and other parameters

· laser sensing point outside the barrel

· laser sensing point in barrel

· the real-time baking curve of each barrel automatically drawn by the computer. The data is completely archived to ensure the traceability of different barrel baking degrees of different customers and the consistency of subsequent orders

· baking degree in the figure: from left to right, it is light, medium, medium and heavy

· baking depth shown in the figure: sectional view of barrel board, 7mm visible baking depth (xylose in the black part is easy to provide the aroma required by wine); The disadvantage of fast heating and baking is that the baking depth is not enough, resulting in a sudden decline in the service life of the oak barrel. Therefore, long-time slow baking is an important control point to ensure the baking depth and the service life of the oak barrel

in production areas where grape maturity and tree age are generally low, medium weight baking barrels should be required (using wood aroma to supplement the lack of fruit aroma of raw grapes)

◎ bar code - track the source of forest trees (production area, cutting/processing time, whether there is soaking, and sun site/time) of each order and plate for each barrel, so as to realize the quality traceability and quality continuity of oak barrels

· each felled tree is inlaid with a number

· each stack (pallet) barrel plate is pasted with barcode

· on the dispatch list (order), the dispatcher fills in the detailed information of the material source

· the computer of each barrel records the login information according to the dispatch list (order) on the temperature curve

· print the material number on the side of each barrel

· fill in the detailed barrel information on the quality sheet that goes with the barrel

◎ main features of BOT oak barrel:

1 Harvesting of living trees - wood from high-quality production areas to ensure the origin and quality of barrel materials

2. Aging of the plate - you can choose to increase the early soaking process to soak the green tannins in the wood to make the taste of the wine more supple

3. Precise and slow baking - Laser numerical control temperature, long-time baking, to ensure baking accuracy and baking depth

after the oak barrel is made, it is wrapped with plastic film and sent to the constant temperature moisturizing wine cellar for storage. Among them, oak barrels play an important role in the formation of wine style in the process of wine brewing

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