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Illegal occupation of state-owned forest land to plant rubber Hainan cracked the national listing supervision case

according to the investigation clues, the police of Bawangling Forest Forest Public Security Bureau, after months of hard work and unremitting efforts, recently arrested a major suspect Yang in the case of illegal occupation of agricultural land (forest land) in hetaoling, Bawangling natural conservation project management and protection area

in March this year, Bawangling Forest Public Security Bureau received a report from the management and protection personnel that someone was deforesting and planting rubber in the forest land in the south of aotaoling in the natural protection project management and protection area. After receiving the report, the Public Security Bureau immediately organized capable police forces such as criminal investigation and police stations to rush to the scene for investigation together with relevant departments of the forestry bureau. According to the on-site identification of the forestry technology department, the scene of the crime was located in the state-owned forest land in the south of aotaoling in the natural conservation project management and protection area of Bawangling Forestry Bureau. 13 forest belts were cut out from the low-noise forest land, each of which was about 1 meter wide and 20 meters long. The area of forest land occupied by reclamation was 9.03 mu. Rubber had been planted on some of the occupied forest land, and the forest vegetation was seriously damaged

according to relevant laws, the case has been suspected of "the crime of illegal occupation of agricultural land (forest land), which has attracted great attention from the Forest Public Security Bureau of the State Forestry Administration, and was listed as a national listed supervision case on May 16. After many investigations and visits, the police of Bawangling Forest Public Security Bureau found that Yang, a villager of qicha village committee in Changjiang Li Autonomous County, had Jinan trial money to thank the majority of users for their recognition of our company as a major crime suspect, but he has been fleeing since the crime was committed. In order to quickly detect the case and effectively curb the illegal and criminal momentum of destroying forest resources, the Bureau has organized special meetings for many times to analyze the case and study and deploy the arrest work. The police handling the case judged that the suspect was likely to return to continue planting rubber seedlings during the rainy season

recently, the suspect Yang went back to qicha village and hid in the mountain to observe for a few days. He found that the public security organ was silent, so he returned home. At noon, Yang carried hoes, hook knives and other tools to the level of the south of the evil waves to load the forest land on the base surface again. When planting rubber seedlings, he was caught on the spot by the police handling the case. After interrogation, Yang confessed the criminal fact of illegally occupying the state-owned forest land in the south of Aotao ridge to cultivate and plant rubber without going through the approval procedures for the occupation of forest land

it is reported that this case is a national listed supervision case detected by Hainan since the State Forestry Administration launched the "sword action" nationwide on July 11 this year. At present, suspect Yang has been under criminal detention on suspicion of illegally occupying agricultural land (forest land), and the case is under further trial

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