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Application of grinding machine c-axis for complex non-circular workpiece

the application of grinder c-axis makes the grinding of complex non-circular workpiece easy to realize; Using student HSM, according to the cutting allowance and tolerance, its processing efficiency is 3 to 8 times faster than the traditional non-circular grinding method

the processing of non-circular forming (such as polygon processing) which was widely used in mold production in the past is very complex. In the past, surface grinder and coordinate grinder were usually used to complete the processing of simple workpiece step by step. However, due to the multiple clamping of the workpiece, the difference is huge enough for the composite workers in a reasonable time, and it is difficult to achieve a special point of view. In the atomization and pulverization industry, we strive to make the company a top ranked enterprise in yuchengguo, with engineering requirements and geometric tolerances. Now, as long as one universal cylindrical grinder can easily complete the whole processing process, this is the CNC universal cylindrical grinder s 31 launched by Swiss Stuart company (learner), a member of the SLF group

measure the size of the output on the numerical control universal cylindrical grinder equipped by the student, and configure the c-axis (on the spindle of the workpiece head frame) and the non-circular high-speed grinding software studerform HSM, which can professionally grind non-circular surfaces and multilateral workpieces. The c-axis motion is directly driven and controlled by the high-speed grinding software, and it can always track the dynamic machining program in the best state, so as to achieve the highest accuracy of non-circular grinding. The student non-circular high-speed grinding software can automatically and accurately calculate all the corresponding technical data, and the motion and acceleration parameters of the high-precision c-axis will be automatically displayed

the non-circular grinding operation system has concise programming dialogue, vivid map support and fast and safe mode. The standard geometric macro programs contained in the software package are applied to the contemporary machining field, and these standard geometric macro programs can be extended to meet the special needs of users. These macro programs that can withstand the fatal test caused by severe inflation and select special profiles are supported by DXF, IGES, vdafs, ISO and other file formats. The software even supports polar coordinates, constant coordinates and excel lists

s 31 can complete internal and external circular and non-circular grinding of medium-sized workpieces in one clamping. The application scope of the machine tool includes the processing of drive shafts, pump gears, plastic molds, guide pins and tool handles. GRANITAN S103 artificial granite with famous patented technology is used for the machine bed. In addition, this machine tool can also be configured with an automatic loading and unloading system (easyload)

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