The hottest im applications cost mobile operators

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IM application caused mobile operators to lose more than $13billion in SMS revenue

market analysis company O's first potential customer has received the test sample vum estimation. Due to the replacement of SMS, mobile network operators lost more than $13billion in 2011. This estimate is based on the allot data. All requires operators to strictly follow the correct operation guidelines and use OT data from the monitoring and statistics of the business volume of about 250million mobile users. At present, at least for mobile network operators, SMS is no longer a cash cow business, and message business is flowing from cellular to Internet

fa turn on the main motor source of the experimental machine cebook still accounts for most of the market share (about 22%), Yahoo! Messaging business accounts for 17% of the share. These two types of messaging services are free, while the paid application WhatsApp accounts for 18%. Yahoo! Facebook has admitted that it needs more revenue from mobile users. Ovum estimates that all im traffic accounts for only 9% of all messages sent, and SMS is still the dominant business. Ofcom believes that network operators need to cooperate with application providers to curb the downward trend of revenue

in the field of voice business, Skype has gained some revenue through SkypeOut and other charging services. According to the data of allot, Skype VoIP traffic accounts for 82%. The report also points out that a company that provides multi-party calls, vibre, has a rapid growth in business volume, but has not received explicit revenue

the emergence of intelligent terminals enables third-party companies to bypass network operators and directly provide services to users. Once these services obtain venture capital funds or are acquired by large enterprises, their power will not be ignored. Network operators should pay attention to these problems of WhatsApp application and still pay attention to development and find a suitable location. Tell

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