The hottest ilapak company launched vegatronic

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Ilapak company launched vegatronic series models

vegatronic is an industrial electronic longitudinal forming filling sealing series model launched by ilapak company. All types of models are controlled by computers, which are highly flexible and can handle different types of packaging methods, including pillow packaging, square bottom packaging, vertical edge sealing packaging, zipper re sealing packaging, etc. Vegatronic models can use heat sealing and thermoplastic packaging materials to package all kinds of products, including granular products, bulk products, fresh agricultural products, frozen agricultural products, powder. Most manufacturers choose products when selecting materials, and intuitively show the test results to users for liquid products, non food products, etc. Vegatronic continues to improve product quality. The 1000 model is especially used to deal with pillow packaging or square bottom packaging; Vegatronic 2000 model is a multi-function model, which is suitable for standard or innovative packaging. It is equipped with vertical, inclined and dual-purpose models; Vegatronic 3000 model adopts professional design, which is suitable for continuous and high-speed film feeding. Because it has multiple square airbags in one unit

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