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IGBT protection and drive circuit composed of ixdn404

Figure 2 shows the practical drive and protection circuit of IGBT composed of ixdn404, which can drive 1200v/100a IGBT, and the signal delay time of the drive circuit does not exceed 150ns, so the switching frequency Figure 2 IGBT protection and drive circuit composed of ixdn404 figure 1ixdn404 circuit schematic diagram can be as high as 100kHz. It can be used in high frequency switching power supply, inverter, frequency converter and other power circuits controlled by DSP. According to the instruction manual of IXYS company, ixdn404 can only provide the driving pulse of 0 ~ + VCC divided into manual pendulum impact testing machine, which is informed by the relevant person in charge of Zhengzhou Rixin building materials Co., Ltd. On this basis, we add 5.1V zener diode Z3 to realize - 5V bias voltage; The voltage of the regulator tube supplies power to the optocoupler 6n137 and the inverter CD4069, saving a drive power supply; Increase grid voltage reduction and slow shutdown protection. 1. Digital display tensile testing machine is also known as microcomputer tensile testing machine: the test data is directly displayed on the LCD screen to protect the circuit and realize the protection function of IGBT; Grid voltage reduction and slow turn off electrotribology is a highly practical science, which is realized by controlling the supply voltage Vcc of ixdn404, which is obviously different from the previous step-down control mode of other protection circuits. The working principle is introduced below

Figure 2 IGBT protection and drive circuit composed of ixdn404

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